Access to Grants

Schools and community groups are eligible to apply for grants to start a VEX Robotics team if they are in an area that is affected by the work of National Grid. The links below give some insight in to the work that National Grids undertakes across the UK and the areas in which they are working.

work in your area

The work that National Grid does can sometimes have an impact on the communities in which they operate. Whether the work they are undertaking is considered to be a major project or minor repairs to National Grid, it is always important to the community impacted.

National Grid invests billions of pounds in the nation’s energy infrastructure, the structures and wires that keep the electricity flowing and the lights on. The role is critical to the country, both building and maintaining secure and safe energy networks, efficiently.

Are National Grid working in your area?

If National Grid do have activity close to your school, then you can apply for the grant


Please note that National Grid’s Gas Distribution business is no longer part of the National Grid Group.  Cadent, the new name for National Grid Gas Distribution,  is now an independent company, owed by a consortium of investors.  Any requests for grants which are linked to Cadent’s operations will, unfortunately, no longer be funded by National Grid.

National Grid - major projects

This link contains information about some of the large-scale development projects that National Grid is working on. Where their plans affect you or your community, you are encouraged you to let National Grid know your opinions on their proposals. There is also an opportunity to apply for a grant to support the introduction of VEX Robotics in your school or community organisation.

Some of these major projects include...

  • Eakring T-Pylon
  • Battersea gasholders
  • East Anglia offshore windfarm connection
  • Haringey Heartlands
  • Hinckley Point C
  • London Power Tunnels
  • North West Connection
  • Richborough Connection
  • River Humber pipeline
  • Woodhead tunnel